Bless you Omni, bless you….

Hello music lovers,

Not sure what you know or don’t know about the excellent Omni Recording Corporation.  I know them primarily for some recent vintage-era-country-fringe compilations they’ve recently released.

Make sure you know about the ridiculously-terrific Plantation Gold Compilation, and equally excellent Troubled Troubadours, not to mention the great Rubber Room, Porter Wagoner collection.  (Which could, and may, warrant post of their own.)

You’d think by now (sans non-western music) that most of the real treasures of recorded audio have been plundered and released by now.  Well, the world of mid-70’s country schmaltz and morality are being diligently explored by these fine Omni people.  It’s certainly a case, of “you’ll laugh, then cry” kind of enjoyment.  But it’s really more than that, I can’t tell you how many cutz off their compilations are now permanently etched in my audio memory.  And isn’t that really the goal of pop music? Regardless of genre? (Unless of course we’re talking about ARTY music, which we are not, really, not here anyway….)

Anyway, it looks like October will be another good month for Omni with the release of the two pictured titles.  First up is:

THE WORLD IS A MONSTER promises (and I’m sure will deliver):

“32 of the grimiest, most delicious slabs of Hillbilly misery and mayhem to grace the Columbia Records imprint. From the Rhinestone Noir of Rocky Porter’s “The World Is A Monster” and Johnny Bond’s “All I Can Do Is Cry” to the proto-feminist declaration of Polly Possum’s “Don’t Talk To Me About Men” and the proto-punk loser’s lament of The Maddox Brothers “Ugly And Slouchy”. More tears in your beer than you can count, more kick in your heels than a regiment of cavalry.”



“Deep from the darkest heart of Russia comes this terrifying amalgam of B-culture detritus and mutant retro-futurism. As incongruous as they are sublime, these gems of post-Soviet exotica craft the shuddering twangs of surf rock to elastic electro rhythms, rockabilly chops and theremin wails. Imagine Bruce Haack detained at the border by KGB operatives andthrown into the Gulag with the tortured remains of Dick Dale and Les Baxter.”

In the now-nearly-kinda digital music world, these are definite physical purchases.  The linear notes are always informative and most importantly, often contain visual photographic proof of the nuts that recorded these numbers.  Bless you Omni.

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