Fantastic free soul music (curated by Wilco)

I’m not sure if the Numero records group need any introduction, but I’ll try in case you don’t know……..Since 2003 they have been a driving force in releasing long-lost treasures of musical obscurity.  Their releases have covered folk, and most importantly S-O-U-L.  Way beyond mere crate-digging, these fine folks are a musicological and historical rediscovery force……

In an era of downloading, I always make a point to physically purchase any Numero title that interests me.  The linear notes are bountiful (photos, too), informative and show just how big any given microcosm can be.  I won’t bore you with more pontificating, just know they do what shouldn’t be able to be done : make lost time found again.

But onto the matter at hand.  Wilco (yes, great-american-rock-band-often-unfortunately-saddled-with-the-(lame)-label-of-“dad-rock”?!) have put together a free, and sanctioned (as far as I can tell) sort of best-of-Numero. ( True, it’s what they think is great, but least we forget this is the band that introduced me to Bill Fay, not to mention got to raid Woody Guthrie’s unfinished songs.)

So if you don’t know Numero, this is a fine place to start, and even if you do, it’s a fun compilation.  The link to the zip file is floating around many places, but I know it’s on one of my favorite blogs: Exile on Moan Street.

Below is the track list (with sources):

01. Arlean Brown – I Am A Streaker (Light: On the South Side)

02. Four Mints – In A Rut (Gently Down Your Stream)

03. OFS Unlimited – Mystic (Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label)

04. Boot Hill – No Control (Local Customs: Lone Star Lowlands)

05. Propinquity – Sea Song (Self-titled 1973 Album : Asterik)

06. Jim Ohlschmidt – The Delta Freeze (Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli)

07. Caroline Peyton – Call Of The Wild (Intuition 1977 : Asterik)

08. Chocolate Snow – Inflation (Eccentric Soul: Smart’s Palace)

09. Ames Harris Desert Water Bag Co. – People (Eccentric Soul: The Young Disciples)

10. 5 Spiritual Tones – Bad Situation (Good God: A Gospel Funk Hymnal)

11. Elijah & The Ebonites – Pure Soul (Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label)

12. The Performers – Mini Skirt (Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label)

13. Betty Wright – Mr. Lucky (Eccentric Soul: The Outskirts of Deep City)

14. Bobby Cooke Quartet – Ridin’ High (Local Customs: Downriver Revival)

15. Stormy – The Devastator (Eccentric Soul: Twilight’s Lunar Rotation)

16. Tonistics – Dimona  (Soul Messages from Dimona)

17. Final Solution – Where There’s A Will (Brotherman Soundtrack)

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