The great moments will stick with you forever.  For one night we can all imagine we’re in some dingy small club somewhere watching the greatest band nobody’s ever heart, and we know every word.  The emotional pull of this indie-rock wetdream is strong, and such sentiments bring out the devoted.  As I stood waiting for GBV to punch up and take us in, I was listening to all the conversations around me: “saw ’em in ’94 with like, 20 people there…yeah, saw ’em in (INSERT BFE TOWN HERE) right before Bee Thousand came out….etc, etc. etc.”  I found this particularly interesting because it’s basically people saying: it was mine before it was yours.

But really, GBV belongs to everybody, (well, everybody who had a ticket that night), and the song-craft of those involved proves it beyond a doubt.  The combined, drunken unison of a whole room singing “Gold Star for Robot Boy” (and every other song played), was exhilarating to say the least.  For one night, it was like we were in an alternate universe where Pollard had indeed reigned supreme and his works were celebrated and sang loudly throughout the land…..

Brief bits of proof {Goldheart and Motor Away}:

The closer you are the quicker it hits you.

(also it’s worth noting that on their new GBV digital website you can buy recordings of most shows on this (very short) tour……

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