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Things are getting crazy at my spot….

what’s goin’ on at the epyc? sounds fishy to me too….. (know that of all the places, in all the locations I’ve lived, the Yacht Club is in the top 3 bars I’ve known……anywhere……this only adds to it’s already impressive … Continue reading

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[] not only is he putting up great numbers for the C’s….he seems to be having a great time… we usually hear about athletes beating their girlfriends, or drunk driving, so this is so refreshing… ya just wanna hug him….

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The Real World of Jack Rebney

Prepare to be floored.  Winnebago Man is certainly the best documentary (if not film) I have seen this year.  Here’s the basic rundown : angry man out-takes from 80’s Winnebago industrial film become cult classic (via video then Youtube) ; … Continue reading

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