The Real World of Jack Rebney

Prepare to be floored.  Winnebago Man is certainly the best documentary (if not film) I have seen this year.  Here’s the basic rundown : angry man out-takes from 80’s Winnebago industrial film become cult classic (via video then Youtube) ; filmmaker seeks out said human (Jack Rebney) only to find out what he’s all about (and if all that cussing is for real).

Besides being incredibly funny, it’s also a very touching film.  It makes me think about the nature of instant-stardom (via the internet), versus the people affect.  We watch 30 second clips of viral phenomena, never considering these individuals have lives.  What Winnebago Man gives us is the pre and post history of Jack Rebney, whose life is now defined by a 4 minute clip of side-splitting cursing.

The filmmaker takes Jack Rebney to the people who love him, and the results are marvelous.  Like renew-your-shattered-faith-in-humanity marvelous.  Jack Rebney is what we all secretly aspire to, to be able to do away with the valve of human politeness, and just honestly cut loose……

Really can’t recommend this one enough…..

Here’s the trailer:

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