does tron really want digital freedom?

Well, dear readers, saw Tron:Legacy last night (in Imax 3-d).  Of course if you enjoyed the original : go see it, no brainer ; also see it in digital 3-d, no brainer……

The great thing about original Tron (and this one) is the cool glowing environment is the ideas involved in the story, (as opposed to every current Disney movie ; which are in my opinion, nothing but fart jokes…),


ok.   so now the ante is upped in terms of the subsequent 28 years of digital livin’ we have all been involved in.  The Tron ideas have now evolved into utopia, free will, information freedom, etc.  So, of course a re-eval is in order.  Luckily,  my all time favorite movie reviewer at : Massawyrm has broken it all down for you:

As he states : “This is not my review of TRON: LEGACY, but rather my long promised further delving into the philosophical and political underpinnings of the film.” 

Again, if you’ve seen the new Tron movie, i cannot recommend enough that you read the above.  It’s a little long, but surely you blog readers haven’t lost the ability to read more than a paragraph right?

(Also I can’t recommend enough, any and all of Massawyrm’s movie reviews over at

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