How did I miss this?!

Oh man how did i not go to this? We’re talking about some much cherished childhood music memories here: Exodus, Malevolent Creation, Saxon (!), Testament, Voivod!!!!

70,000 Tons of Metal promises everything a sea-faring heavy metal fan could want, but I suspect the real treat of this cruise (I checked the schedule) was karaoke every night from 12-4am.  Can you imagine? What do you think they sang? Baby come back, la isla bonita, private dancer!!!    It truly staggers my mind.

[ these brackets mean we are digressing slightly : now is karaoke a chance to play out our imagined self? so what would a heashian, terry, heavy-metal minded person do: metallica, slayer….i say no, they would need to address the vocal needs of their inner self.  I would say the average heavy-metal ocean cruiser grew up in the 80’s, so the subconscious chime of treated synths and Billy Ocean-isms would be rising up and manifested in some of the most glorious karaoke one could imagine………unless of course, they are the kind of people who PRACTICE karaoke…]

Anyway, they will soon be booking for next year, so as soon as I get a corporate sponsor, this will be my first trip.  (I heard about this through the always rippin’ WFMU blog. DJ Diane’s Kamikazi will be airing a full report this Tuesday (2/8) from 12-3pm.)

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One Response to How did I miss this?!

  1. banjo says:

    I beg to differ, Karaoke will be a grand spectacle, but not nearly as grand as open mic night on wednesday….

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