boney king of nowhere…

With minimal fanfare, Radiohead have announced that this Saturday is the release of their new album : The King of Limbs.  You can order the fancy version, or the regular digital version…….here’s why I find this really interesting (besides the fact I think Radiohead still makes great albums):

In an age when every album leaks online about 2 months before it comes out, everyone will theoretically *hear*/*experience* this at the same time.  That’s a big deal in a digital music world.  It replicates the feeling of Tuesday night (old-school record store folks will understand and remember): you get some beers and sit down with your friends to listen to whatever the new release that happened to come out that day was.  You listen, discuss and just get some good togetherness over music…….

I realize this will now be done in the comments/talkbacks sections of music blogs around the globe, but that’s okay.  That’s the medium now, it’s pointless to sit back and bitch.  The fact is people will be listening, and then they’ll be talking…..that’s what makes big records interesting.

Also interesting is that you can buy the mp3 version for $9 and the wav. version for $14.  Is there a difference? Probably not that you can hear on earbuds…running through a real stereo: you betcha!  Notice Radiohead have dispensed the “pay what you want” model.  I suppose the economic novelty of this wore off when they realized they could still make money.   [{{I recently read that Radiohead made more off selling physical copies of In Rainbows than the whole time they were on Capitol!!}}]

But that’s just the mechanics of them bucking the dying record industry.  If this record is half as good as their two recent eps, I’ll be audibly excited……

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