life lessons

Things I learned from Keef’s biography….

– Bill Wyman must make really crappy tea.

– Heroin won’t (probably) be as bad for you if you inject it into your muscles.

– Mick is a wanker.

– Keef really didn’t like Brian Jones.

– Marlon Richards had a fascinating upbringing….

– a great deal about 5 string open tuning….

– that staying up for 9 days (!?!), cocaine-assisted, is not recommended…..

I would say if you have even a passing interest in Richards or the Stones in general, give this a read.  Keef seems pretty straightforward and honest, and describes the atmosphere of the times really well….whether it was early morning boat rides down the Mediterranean for breakfast during Exile….stints of cold turkey that were as graphic as they are gross….very touching recollections of his mother, Doris……..and of course music……and of course drugs.

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