Wu-tacular mixamillius….


Y’know, mash-ups got kinda played out there for awhile…..but these two are operating on *that otha level* we sometimes speak of here at Totalecho…..

First up is Max Tannone’s Ghostfunk, featuring “Ghostface Killah, with vintage African funk, high-life, and psychedelic rock music”.  Very solid.  The choice samples sound totally organic, and if the next Ghostface album actually sounded somewhat like this, I would not be surprised or disappointed.  I particularly love the Danger 500 mix….don’t sleep on this….

Also worth your downloadable time is Wugazi, (do I really need to explain this one?!)  While not as organic-sounding as Ghostfunk, it’s still a fascinating listen.  Combining these two musical heavyweights makes a dense and intricate sound.  If you be like me, you’ll need to listen to this at least twice: once just to process it ; and another to take it in.  I think it’s just that I’m familiar with both source materials so the first time through I just find my mind playing “identify!!“, and after that I can *hear* it properly.  (This phenomenon is one of the big drawbacks of mash-ups, in my opinion.)  Floating Labels (from Liquid Swordz) is fantastic, as is Forensic Shimmy.  Very worth your time…..

Oh yeah, there’s a new Wu-Tang (ish) album out…..Legendary Weapons.

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