love your flips

At Total Echo we have mad love for the Flaming Lips.  Here’s some current reasons why:

REASON # 1: they decided to play a local house party in the basement of a Parkersburg, West Virginia home.  Why? Because a 17-year-old asked them to via Twitter:

REASON #2: as well as having a new Gummy Skull Vagina thing (?!), they are also releasing their new 24-hour song (listen here ) on a hard drive along with a real human skull complete with chrome drippings (as of 1:30 EST on 11/4/11, there were only two left):

– REASON #3: They were on some sort of MTV Steve Jobs tribute thing, where they played the Beatles “Revolution” on Ipads ?!?  (Video here: sit through the 30 second ad and then forward to about 31:30.)

Big salute to the Flips for keeping things, human, gummy, and current…….

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