the Russell Jones File

Making the news is’s accessing of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s FBI file (which was done legally through the Freedom of Information Act, thanks again  John Moss!).

I actually read through the whole thing.  It covers various events you may have already known about (his shoot-out with the police, the project shooting where he was hit twice and drove himself to the hospital).  Even though it’s a slightly dry read, there are some other very interesting bits of info buried within the heavily redacted documents:

In regards to the “body amour” mentioned in the report: RZA sheds some light on this:

1998 in Battery Park, Manhattan, and Dirty—the feds were out to kill him. I had so much love for him and shit that I wanted to help protect him, and I had a feeling overcome me that I was a superhero—somebody to help the world! So I had my brother order a Level 4 fucking vehicle—what the president rides in. You can shoot it with an AK and it keeps moving. After he hit a deer, it didn’t even dent the car! The deer flew way in the air and not even a dent on the paint! It was a Suburban. I still got it. It weighs nine tons. It’s parked at my brother’s house in New Jersey. And the suit I built but one of my employees sold it to a drug dealer. Some drug dealer in Brooklyn got it. That’s funny! A $20,000 suit—Level 4 bulletproof and knife-proof. You couldn’t stab or shoot me. Head to toe. It had a few other toys I don’t like to talk about. I don’t wanna describe it too much. That nigga who got, he got it! I had a briefcase to go with it as well… to block bullets! We were just buggin’ out! *

Also of note was the FBI’s interest in all the various Wu-Tang-related business bank accounts established.  It lists 16 entities controlled by Wu-Tang (as of 2000), with names that all sound very Wu-Tang-ish;  except the last entry:

Diggs Leasing Corporation“(Diggs is RZA’s last name), out in New Jersey.  What could this be?…….  A fleet of vans, sounds equipment, fireworks distribution, who knows……..Anyway, I’m just glad to see that Wu-Tang was smart enough to diversify their holdings early on.

While the ODB file is fairly interesting (though not as fascinating as John Lennon’s), it makes you wonder how many other folks have FBI files out there to be found……

– thanks to sA over at We Don’t Save Lives for the heads up on all things ODB related.

* this quote is from Wikipedia, unfortunately the source is now a *dead link* (which is why you can’t use the interest for paper sources kids!!!)

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