biblio muerto

Perhaps you’ve heard about the “death of the printed word”?  That topic is far too intense to pontificate on here *, so let’s instead focus on  { dead books }.

The above image is from the Great Wall series by Guy Laramee.  Re-purposed prose never looked so nice.  These are technically carved sculptures  that relate to a narrative about “how in the future China takes over America and builds a wall around the whole country that finally spells our doom…

You will probably see these carved book images around the Interwebs, and that’s great, but unfortunately the visual nature of internet browsing often deprives crucial details.  So take some time and look around Guy’s site.  There’s some other incredible work on there…..

Laremee is a Canadian artists who started off composing for contemporary dance.  He has designed many instruments of his own making which look and sound fascinating.  His inter-disciplinary art covers serious ground, and he was also involved with the Medusa collective out of Quebec.  I guess the point is that now he will be known as the “guy who carved up books“, but he seems to have so much more going on……..

There’s a wonderful quote on his Artists Statement:

“My work, in 3D as well as in painting, originates from the very idea that ultimate knowledge could very well be an erosion instead of an accumulation.”

So, while the books look cool, that quote will stick with me for a while…..

Also, there’s plenty more book deconstructionists out there, check out Brian Dettmer, Mark Bernahl and/or Alex Queral.

* Print is not dead, it will merely be commoditized and broken down to a profit-making margin within each of the substrates that it can occupy.

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2 Responses to biblio muerto

  1. bibliopirate says:

    God those books are beautiful.

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