“maps to the skaters homes”

For some of you, this will matter very little.

For others, the upcoming Bones Brigade documentary will be a very big deal.  The above teaser trailer/overview/featurette seems to suggest very great things (even if Mullen’s a little gushy on the slopes at Sundance).

The *deal* is that if you were a kid who skateboarded in the 80’s, the Bones Brigade occupied a very large cultural space in your life.  And it was special, it was a space that not many other things in popular culture could fill.  This was before the self-modified view of the public figure (i.e. Facebook, internet, etc.).  In a completely analog world they became legends, but in a very down-to-earth kind of way.

In every suburban sub-circle of hell, there was a group of skaters. You knew them, you may have been them.  That group of people were their own modified, localized Bones Brigade.  At least in my case, what we lacked in plywood and prowess, we made up for in camaraderie.  That’s why this documentary seems so exciting to me, I looked upon the Bones Brigades’ slightly older faces that same way I would if I saw someone I used to skate with years ago ; with a huge smile and welcome remembrance of an era of VHS, grip tape, and the ever-complex memory of sweet/horrible adolescence.

I think of the Bones Brigade the same way I do my close friends; we gave them nicknames, stayed loyal to certain boards, and really only took from them the desire to be individuals.  There’s a part in the above video where Lune says: “you didn’t chase after fame, you chased after doing something….

If you understand that, then you probably understand why I just spent 250+ words on this Wonder-Years-esque diatribe.  Needless to say, I can’t wait to see this movie.

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One Response to “maps to the skaters homes”

  1. sA says:

    Whoa, mullen’s got a grill. You ever read his autobiography. Pretty crazy.

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