Kinks Songs of Idleness

Raymond Douglas Davies is very lucky he could write such amazing songs, because I’m sensing he wasn’t too motivated all the time………I submit for your scrutiny the following 12 examples:

Tired of Waiting For You

but you keep-a me waiting /alla of the time  /what can I do?

I’m On an Island

and I’ve got nowhere to swim /oh what a mood I am in /I’m on an island

Sittin On My Sofa

sipping at my soda /sitting on my sofa

Sunny Afternoon

now I’m sitting here /sipping at my ice cold beer /lazing on a sunny afternoon

Situation Vacant

so to keep his little mama satisfied /he went and bought the weekly classified /all for peace and quiet’s sake

Lazy Old Sun

I don’t mind /to spend my time/looking for you

Waterloo Sunset

but I am so lazy /don’t want to wander /I stay at home at night

Autumn Almanac

I like my football on a saturday /roast beef on sundays /all right

Sitting By the Riverside

I love sitting down by the riverside/watching the water go flowing by/oh, golly gee, it is heaven to be /like a willow tree


we’ve plenty of beer/and gooseberry tarts /so take a drive with me


put on your slippers and sit by the fire /you’ve reached your top and you just can’t get any higher

Get Back In the Line

standing at the corner waiting watching time go by /will I go to work today or shall I bide my time

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