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Itchy y Scratchy forever!

The whole enchilada!  Every Itchy & Scratchy : Like many of you, these were the sprinkles (or Jimmies as the East-Coasters call ’em) on the cupcake when it came to the Simpsons.  A hyper-excited mix of Tom & Jerry/Spy Vs. Spy that made me … Continue reading

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Sound Creatures

Another fantastic interweb art project for your perusal : Sound Creatures. “Composer David Kamp ventured into the wilds beyond his studio to record the noises coming from the undergrowth and then asked a host of illustrators to create fictional animals … Continue reading

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True/False Wrap-Up

The True/False Film Festival rules.  Flat out.  It combines one of my favorite pastimes (watching documentary films) within the confines of one of my favorite places on Planet Earth (Columbia Mo).  Obviously, I’m more than a little biased here.  But don’t take my word … Continue reading

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on designing spacecraft….

Ralph McQuarrie out. In real bummer news, legendary sci-fi illustrator Ralph McQuarrie died on March 3rd.  His initial design paintings for a little move called Star Wars made it possible  A.) for studio execs to have some sort of idea of what this crazy George Lucas … Continue reading

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