tapumes amok!

Welcome to the sublimely sculptured work of Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira.  Incredible stuff!  Yes, it’s wood, it’s twisted, it’s huge.  Material-wise, Oliveira is fond of a particular kind of debris: tapumes.

“He began to layer canvas on canvas like a collage, or rub sand into his paint to add texture. As he worked, he watched the wood fencing–known as tapumes–around a construction site across from his studio weather and deteriorate. A week before the end-of-year student exhibition, the fences came down. He gathered the wood and set to work on his first installation.  Oliveira’s use of weathered strips of tapumes to evoke the stroke of a paintbrush or the folds of human flesh has become a trademark.” *

If you happen to be in the greater Ohio area later this year, Oliveira has an upcoming exhibition “Inside Out and from the Ground Up” at Museum of Contemporary Art,  Cleveland from October 8, 2012 – February 24, 2013.

* from the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art website(http://africa.si.edu/exhibits/dialogue2/oliveira.html)

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