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Ombre – Believe You Me

Julianna Barwick fist caught my ear last year with her album, The Magic Place.  It’s an interesting listen, made up of layers of soft vocals that really transcend the fact that it’s basically layers of loops.  I found it sonically … Continue reading

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subterranean homesick typography

66 cards.  Pencil and ink.  No computer. Leandro Senna registers as mild-to-extreme genius with this simple and effective project.  A great riff on the Dylan original, it is both highly inventive and well-executed.  Watch the pawking meetas below: Bob Dylan Subterranean … Continue reading

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WARNING: nerdy star wars crap.

I don’t know who Otaking77077 is, but someone PLEASE tell George Lucas to let him do this to ALL the Star Wars movies…….

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The Sea and Cake are, in my opinion, a great American band.  There’s really no other group that sounds like they do.  Their music has a lightness, a bizarre airy quality that I hear in nothing else.  A few years ago … Continue reading

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