Ombre – Believe You Me

Julianna Barwick fist caught my ear last year with her album, The Magic Place.  It’s an interesting listen, made up of layers of soft vocals that really transcend the fact that it’s basically layers of loops.  I found it sonically pleasing and then moved on…..

So I was very excited to hear that her newest endeavor was a collaboration with fellow Asthmatickitty artist Helado Negro.  Together they are Ombre, and they are mellow……

The album sounds communal, and the story is that the two participants actually got to know each other over the course of recording the album, which according to the last Mojo, happened over a two-year period.  That’s a long time, but I think it would take a while to make music that sounds both this deliberate and random.  I’ve read a couple of comparisons to Os Mutantes, but they are not so psychedelic or bombastic, it’s more of the quiet cool of 60’s tropicalia.

Believe You Me is a sublet creeper, the kind of  album that may wash over the listener the first time heard, but revisiting it provides its own rewards.  Musically it’s actually difficult to pin down.  Technically it’s “acoustic instrumentation and programmed electronics” but that really doesn’t do justice to the lovely ambient washes of sound they wield.  It’s not that new kind of neo-shoegazing sound, but more like pastoral, mid-period Cluster.
Don’t be fooled though, it’s not all mushy soundscapes, there’s an almost Stax-like loop that starts of “Weigh Those Words“.  “Pausa Primer” starts off with a memory-inducing sample of children playing.  Most cuts are a five-minute journey of deep sound shifting quietly underneath.  If it strikes you right, you’ll be most amazed………

Here’s the video for Cara Falsa:

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