“be ye not afraid”

Though I know these images have made the internet rounds before, but what better time to re-assess their incredible contribution to the history of mankind!?

Most of these images come from the great Nightmare Fear Factory in Niagara Falls.  All the image sets deserve some time.  Here’s why:

Pema Chodron (an American Buddhist monk) said : “fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.”  That what I feel like I’m seeing in these shots.  A person at their most basic, reactionary level.  From these two G’s at the top, to the guy hiding behind his girlfriend: this is the moment!  That one moment when your guard mechanism is totally down and you are viscerally frightened.  Then we see who you are if only for that nano-second the camera catches.  Now I realize that Pema is talking about fear in another more metaphysical way.  However I like to believe that these micro-moments are blips of transcendence that only come along every so often.  It’s probably why we like being scared so much….it momentarily causes us to forget who and what we are……….

Anyway, Happy Halloween!

The last photo is from a CNN feature, that originally reminded me to make this post!….

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