For the love of obvious mysteries

Dan Reeder has one small claim to audio fame.  His “hit song”: Work Song was featured on Weeds long ago.  That’s what got me to check out his records.  There have been only three but they have been gloriously simple, funny and devoid of any pretension whatsoever.  How can you go wrong with lines like: “I drink beer to improve my mind, end all wars, help mankind“.


With each of his releases, I always enjoyed the painting or two that would accompany the linear notes, and did read that Dan was trained as a fine artists, before becoming a German-transplant-instrument-making-troubador.

Now he gets his just rewards (visually) with the first monograph of his work, aptly entitled:

As you can see from the samples below, his humor comes through just as forcibly as in his music.  Great stuff, and I’m so glad that artists like Reeder, Shrigley, etc are getting the exposure they deserve.  The more I’m surrounded by pretentious art and music, the more I appreciate the humor of these artists, and the way their art conveys a kind of conversational emotion on a basic level.  Every so often I like to hear someone speak in a language that everyone can understand…..

You may be able to catch Reeder out on tour with John Prine from time to time……

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