Screaming in the Night

Let’s divert a little here and discuss one of the most mind-blowingly ridiculous videos ever made: Krokus’s Screaming in the Night.  It’s a fine blend of Hero’s Journey, Wicker Man and Beyond Thunderdome…….

Now to re-cap:

The exact location of this epic tome is never revealed.  Rather we are witness to a pack of Rock-n-roll Druids moving slowing through a medieval/futuristic landscape, that eventually terminates at this obelisk of sacrifice…

IMG_5641We also meet our hairy protagonist, who in this temporal world of pain and torture is usually pained and chained.  In this case: half-naked to some sort of float.  Notice the ethnic cardboard guitar-like hybrids they’re playing…..(I can only speculate that with this video they now thought themselves new overlords of this and other realities.  Realities where instrumentation is as limitless as their imagination, and video budget….)

IMG_5639Oh and a cage, you can’t have an 80’s heavy metal video without a cage (see Quiet Riot, Scorpions, etc)…..

IMG_5640How about an evil madman that looks surprisingly like Pavarotti? (As he does one of the best “evil maniacal madman laughs” ever.)

IMG_5642And of course, the Cosmic Triangle that also doubles as a portal to the “real world”.  (Are they implicating the Freemasons, or revealing the true secret of the Great Seal!  Besides the portal to the diner, it’s actually kinda boring in there….)

IMG_5643I found this particular part very inspiring : THE FINDING OF THE ACID-WASHED JEANS.  (In Campbell’s description this would be the Supernatural Aid component.)

IMG_5636After this, our hero climbs down a ladder into a diner, where (wearing his heathen white-hi-tops) he proceeds to climb on the counter and find his surrogate love remains in the digital dimension.  (Descent usually translates into the underworld, but here we are unsure if we’ve reached a safe haven?)

IMG_5632From the beyond, his love delivers the ultimate message of universal consciousness:


Oh yeah, he also sees himself singing with what is possibly the largest microphone ever.


It’s all here: sci-fi, paganism, time-travel, dystopia, murder, sacrifice, love, food, and hi-tops.  Even the crummy analog can’t diminish the distilled perfection of the power ballad made flesh in video………………

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