Dan McPharlin

mcpharlin1Above (and below) is the mind-blowing work of Australian artist Dan McPharlin.  These mini-mini-mini synthesizer and oscillators are hand-made of cardboard.  They are awesome for a variety of reasons, chief among them is the beauty of mechanized repetition.  At this scale all the various knobs and sliders have no labels.  So the viewer is left to ponder the purely visual nature of the shapes, colors and characteristics of ….knobs.



However, my real reason for giving McPharlin some airtime, is his other artistic passion: sci-fi art.




YES!! For the longest time, it was criminally uncool to actually reveal how much you enjoyed the artwork of Roger Dean, John Berkey and others.  McPharlin is embracing it, as are the many bands employing his art for their covers.

McPharlin says it best:

For me mood and atmosphere always trumps technical verisimilitude so that’s what I try to bring to my work.”

Between the sickening technicality of the Pocket Synths and the atmospheric space abstractions, McPharlin seems poised to conquer many worlds.  He is officially recognized!


* This is the album cover for the incredible New Age Outlaws by Dylan Ettinger, I didn’t know McPharlin did the cover until a few minutes ago.  If you like….The Blader Runner soundtrack, check this out……

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