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5,335,200 Legos

The largest Lego model in the world consisting of 5,335,200 bricks is a 1:1 scale X-wing fighter. Continue reading

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“I saw lightning bolts coming out of his ears”

I tend to like my documentaries a little on the freaky side.  So perhaps you’ll see why I’m so terribly excited to see the Source Family.   Cults, messiah, drugs, music, and more white outfits than Colonel Sander’s closet.  Here’s the run-down: The Source … Continue reading

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“someday my day will come”

I do find it a little disrespectful that his drunken antics are mentioned more than the fact that he found a way to stay relevant in country music for almost 4 decades. His antics made good copy, because like his music, they were real. Continue reading

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To the Wonder

This is a very particular kind of movie:  lyrical, sensory and visually untouchable. If you enjoy movies like Last Year at Marienbad, you should definitely submerge yourself in this film. If you’re more in the camp of say….Bad Boyz 2, … Continue reading

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“That’s what happens to English majors that try to step to me!”

Laren is taking it to the next level. I wonder what Charles Schultz would think? Continue reading

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