“someday my day will come”


Well, all good things must end.  As you probably know, George Jones checked out of this life last week at the age of 81.  There are many heartfelt and detailed obids out there…….

But I think the best of all was Dave the Spazz’s show on WFMU last week.  Just check out the playlist to see why this 3 hour show really is the best tribute Jones could have had.  Can’t recommend this enough……


Possum’s passing was a big deal to me.  I’ve come back to the GRAND catalog of Jones at least 3 times in my life, and probably will many more times.  (I also watched Hee Haw with my grandparents every Saturday night in the 70’s.)  I do find it a little disrespectful that his drunken antics are mentioned more than the fact that he found a way to stay relevant in country music for almost 4 decades.  His antics made good copy, because like his music, they were real.  Jones could make heartache sound so convincing.  Though it’s not an adjective I often associate with country music; Jones was one of the most soulful singers I know.

The ridiculous:


The sublime:


The classic:

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