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transportation distopia

Steven C. Harvey has many visually tantalizing nuggets on his website, but few are as futuristically frightening as the Vehicles series.  It’s a very Moebius-esque vision of a highway existence that seems governed by humongous vehicular mayhem.  Sorta like Ron Herron’s Walking Cities but without the utopia … Continue reading

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Gobblots, Dribcots and Saroos…..

Why does this record still resonate with me (enough to get played every other month or so)? One very surprising element of I Hear A New World is the economy of it. For such an “out-there” proposition, the instrumentation and arrangement are fairly simple, uncomplicated. Continue reading

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let’s talk about taste

What makes Let’s Talk About Love so special? It was both educational and honestly written. The author, Canadian uber-brain Carl Wilson, tracks both his own relationship as well as that of the worlds’ with media Godzilla Celine Dion. Continue reading

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