astro zombie interpretations


I assume I don’t need to list off reasons why the (original) Misfits are one of the greatest American bands of the last 100 years?  They were shocking, subversive and incredible pop songwriters.  ReallyLyrics Summarized recently posted: Brief Summaries of the Song Lyrics of The Misfits, 1977-1983.  Some highlights:

20 Eyes: My otherwise normal head contains twenty identical eyes. Ironically, this impairs my vision.

Braineaters: We grow weary of exclusively eating brains. We do not understand why we can’t be given something better, or muster the will to obtain it ourselves.

and my total favorite:

Hybrid Moments: Women are especially attractive to me immediately before they are torn apart by werewolves.

If you have never heard the Misfits, you must think that I and anyone who likes this post are totally disturbed.  Probably…


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