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Boris Pickett got nuthin’ on this…

This years model is just as creepy and junky as before. Ignoring the standard monster-music fare, and focussing on early rock, jump blues, rumbling instrumentals, and other creepy kinds of party music you didn’t know you needed to hear. Continue reading

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The other end of Rolling Thunder….

Check out this motley-looking onslaught of 70’s clowns, outfitted with haggard turbans. The wet, gray Colorado day makes them look even worse. I have a special affinity for the Hard Rain record, because it sounds like it looks: sloppy, overworked and worn-out. Continue reading

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Sabbath versus Sabbath

Which are the lyrics to old Baptist hymns and which are Black Sabbath lyrics? Continue reading

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Escape From Tomorrow

The hype surrounding this film made me hope for a subversive masterpiece. It is not. It does however, do a great job of transforming the wholesome into the grotesque. Continue reading

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