How ill was the Sherm ? pt. II


So I’m watching Soul Train re-runs with the kids on Saturday morning, which is pretty normal.  It’s an episode from the early 90’s (not prime period), and Stacy Lattisaw is the guest.  I’m getting pretty bored by her robotic-smooth-electro-ballads, when the following occurs:

This must have been his “Party All the Time” moment. *  But in general, there is so much to love:

those glasses

the general manically funky moves that only le Sherm can do

the fact he obviously give not shit one about even appearing to lip sync

Anyway, just wanted to share.  It certainly was the random non-cable highlight of the month.  More Sherm here.


* (The only musical thing I knew about Sherm was his unreleased album with Jon Anderson from Yes!)

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