Best Reissues 2015

(older stuff where they’ve turned the bass up and charged me twice…)


Punk 45 / Burn Rubber City, Burn!

Man this series is fun!  Half of this stuff you might know and other half is ultra-obscure wackiness.  Micro-blasts that remind you why the weirdest state has the best output.


Mamman Sani Abdoulaye / Unreleased Tapes 1981-1984

Highly bubbly, non-digital synthesizers from Africa.  I listen to this every morning.


Unwound / Empire

The great recorded output of Unwound comes to an end.  This comp features the double album Leaves Turn Inside You, as well as Challenge for a Civilized Society.  Proof that Numero can reissue any genre well.


The Flaming Lips / Heady Nuggs 1994-1997

I’m gonna be honest, my old CD sounds better than this remaster.  However, this the pinnacle of the Flips for me (Clouds Taste Metallic).  Their last guitar-oriented, distorted, BAND-driven album.  Not that what happened after this was bad (it was VERY good), but this is the Flips I hear in my head.


Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten Soundtrack

Cambodian rock in the late 60’s-early 70’s is a glorious music.  It’s instantly dance-able, super funky, and phonetically fascinating to me.  SEE THIS DOCUMENTARY, when you get the full story of the implications that the war in Vietnam (and the U.S.) played, ……damn.  Inspiring stuff.


Willie Nelson / It Will Come to Pass

Okay, this technically came out last year, but it’s new to me.  Willie rules, this is known.  What’s not known is how wildly varied his early RCA output is.  It can be kind of messy, and we can thank the great Omni Records for cherry-picking some of the best bits here.  Wacky, saccharine, and yes: metaphysical.


Led Zepplin / Physical Graffiti

Being from Kansas City, I though I’d never need to hear this album again.  How wrong I was.  Most double albums are unnecessary, but not this.  Everything in its right place.


Bob Dylan / 1965-1966

Two discs of alternate versions from the best, most-frenetic Dylan era known, is fine with me.  Also amazing that they sell a 6 and 18!!! disc version of this thing.  “I need a dumptruck, baby, to unload my head!

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