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How ill was the Sherm ? pt. II

So I’m watching Soul Train re-runs with the kids on Saturday morning, which is pretty normal. It’s an episode from the early 90’s (not prime period), and Stacy Lattisaw is the guest. I’m getting pretty bored by her robotic-smooth-electro-ballads, when the following occurs: Continue reading

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Choose-your-own synopsis

  Summary Bug has stumbled on a rare type of computational comedy.  Apparently, a random glitch on the Netflix app has caused certain summaries to “blend together“.  The results end up looking like a good Madlib.  Will a new form … Continue reading

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Itchy y Scratchy forever!

The whole enchilada!  Every Itchy & Scratchy : Like many of you, these were the sprinkles (or Jimmies as the East-Coasters call ’em) on the cupcake when it came to the Simpsons.  A hyper-excited mix of Tom & Jerry/Spy Vs. Spy that made me … Continue reading

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