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dub free dub

Oh man what great timing!  The genius over at Flash Strap (which most definitely warrants your complete perusal), has put together another amazing free dub comp.  The selection is fantastic and the price is right…….. I could not think of … Continue reading

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“it’s a spiced rum”

     I think we all agree that Moonrise Kingdom will be a pretty great movie.  Anderson has a fairly high batting average, and the cast is stellar as usual.  Here’s a great little bit with Bill Murray giving us a … Continue reading

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obey the movie

Well, The Obey the Giant movie will finally be showing for the next few days at RISD (for the FAV senior program).  I will try to see it and report back….. It looks very interstering as it is a non-documentary film about the … Continue reading

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the most lovely thing stuck to the street

The always enjoyable BOOOOOOOM has a great post about these amazing manhole covers from Japan.  It should be every municipalities civic duty to make this kind of thing mandatory…..

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Karen Dalton 1966

One of the by-products of great art is transcendence, the ability to completely lose yourself in the experience of something else; the simple happening of something meaningful, that the viewer, listener, etc is experiencing in that moment.  I know that … Continue reading

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Steady Diet of Noog?!

Steady Diet of Nothing, the 3rd Fugazi album, was a somewhat difficult proposition upon its release in 1991.  When I think back, it was a time of great uncertainty; one of the early Iraq Wars was going on, and I … Continue reading

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Duck out.

  Bass legend Donald “Duck” Dunn died over the weekend.  He was (of course) playing shows in Tokyo with Eddie Floyd and his constant foil, Steve Cropper. While his contributions to modern American music are legion, most will recognize his … Continue reading

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The Strange Case of OK Soda

History’s failures are often more amusing than its victories. Gen-Xers are now fairly easy to market to (show a Subaru and some vaguely punk-rock music and a scruffy-looking 30-something with a baby), but it wasn’t always that way… Flashback to … Continue reading

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“sadness sure is a bummer……”

Review of Lee Hazlewood – The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes, & Backsides (1968-71). Continue reading

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