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life lessons

Things I learned from Keef’s biography…. – Bill Wyman must make really crappy tea. – Heroin won’t (probably) be as bad for you if you inject it into your muscles. – Mick is a wanker. – Keef really didn’t like … Continue reading

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here’s what to do…

…with that extra 2 mil you have laying around: THE GREAT NEXT IDEA!!!!

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alternative pets (not animals who like smashing pumpkins….)

Great article in the new National Geographic about animal domestication…. I like reading about the domestication phenotype, the way that animals physical characteristics can change in response to their breeding:  floppy ears, fur patterns, etc…….basically how an animal goes from … Continue reading

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the past is always present

Photographer Irina Werning has great photo project on her site entitled:  Back To the Future. It’s pretty much what you see above, the reenactment of old childhood photos.  You look at some of them and think “man, did we even change at … Continue reading

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boney king of nowhere…

With minimal fanfare, Radiohead have announced that this Saturday is the release of their new album : The King of Limbs.  You can order the fancy version, or the regular digital version…….here’s why I find this really interesting (besides the … Continue reading

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How did I miss this?!

Oh man how did i not go to this? We’re talking about some much cherished childhood music memories here: Exodus, Malevolent Creation, Saxon (!), Testament, Voivod!!!! 70,000 Tons of Metal promises everything a sea-faring heavy metal fan could want, but … Continue reading

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