Best new music 2016

indexA Tribe Called Quest / We Got it From Here

What a way to go out!  Rap often has the benefit (sometimes hinderance) of currency, but i can’t remember a record that hit so perfectly at the exact right time.  The sound of the past, present and future…

david-bowie-blackstar-2016-billboard-1000David Bowie / Blackstar

A spectacular cultural coup.  Not only does Bowie make one of his best albums of the last 15 years, but he controls his exodus with a final statement that is both devastating and life-affirming.  Who else could have pulled off such a succinct final act?….oh yeah….

lc_youwantitdarker_coverartLeonard Cohen / You Want it Darker

I will truly miss hearing what this voice has to say.  Sparse, deep, honest and solemn.  Very simple production, but on par with 80’s masterpieces such as I’m Your Man.  Adios, L. Cohen, your shadow will linger on.


The Wedding Present / Going… Going..

At this phase in their career, to make a sprawling, epic, style-switching album of this magnitude seems too good to be true.  It’s not; it’s some of the most rewarding music they have ever made.  It’s always great to hear what you never imagined.

crab-dayCate Le Bon / Crab Days

Cate switches it up again.  For a vague reference, imagine Nico fronting the Sugarcubes.  I wonder how this all holds together sometime, but I still remain enthralled.

gbx025-stasis-cover-artwork-1400-coverPye Corner Audio / Stasis

I have been steadily enjoying this band for many years.  Soundtrack for my daily dream world.  A great album to start and end a day with.

lc2e1bbWolf People / Ruins

Rippin’ boogie rawk, slightly prog-ish lyrics, the BEST drum sound I have heard all year, plus glorious cover art, need I continue…

6283828The Low Anthem / Eyeland

Stretching out cosmically, the Low Anthem continue their run of wonderfully organic sounds and mystical ruminations. “Pepsi Moon” is a runner-up for best song of the year.

imagesThe High Llams / Here Come the Rattling Trees

A blissful soundtrack about riding your bike around, and other simple pleasure.  The music, lyrics and mood all match perfectly.  Their toned-down best?  Perhaps…

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